Hello and welcome! I’ve decided to start a blog to document my literary journey! I started¬†@owls_library on Instagram a little over a year ago in hopes to share my passion for books, discover other bookworms out there, and utilize my Bookstagram account as a resource to share stories of ALL people. Being a minority in the US, I know firsthand life is different for us. Although we live in this great melting pot of a country, and although many of our stories have been told, not many of them of been heard. I would like to use not only¬†@owls_library but also my blog as a platform to recognize authors of ALL colors and share my love of books.

Please contact me at owlslittlelibrary@gmail.com for book reviews.

Me at Shakespeare and Company in Paris, France. It’s been my lifelong dream to visit this bookstore. May, 2017